Transportation to AIT or other symposium hotels

    International symposium on Aquaculture and Fisheries Education

    ISAFE Committee has requested few taxi drivers (good spacious green/yellow Toyotas) and
    private car owners to assist you travel from airport to your hotel. They will be waiting for you at
    the Arrival Hall at and around GATE-3, with the sign "ISAFE-AIT" written on a white paper
    see below:

    For this service, we have negotiated the prices as follows (pay to the taxi directly):
    Single person rate: 600 Baht
    Group rate1 (2 - 4 persons) = 500 Baht/person
    Group rate2 (5 or more persons): 400 Baht/person
                   Contact person: Mr Anon Supaporn: Tel: 08-6000 5544

    Note: You will need to pay toll way fee which is 30 + 30 Baht (if MOTORWAY) but if you choose to
    go via Bangkok, Rama IX Expressway, tollway fee will be 105 Baht.

    You are free to choose any mode of transport. You can take a PUBLIC TAXI from the Bangkok
    International Airport (Suvarnbhumi) to come to symposium venue. Agents may approach you at the
    arrival hall for a taxi but they can be expensive (up to 1,200 Baht). If you take a Public Taxi, the
    driver may ask you to negotiate the price. In such a case, he charges you 600 Baht. But he agrees to
    use meter, cost can be less, around 400 Baht.

    If you have any problem of communication, give one of our telephone numbers so that they can call
    us and we can tell them how to get to your hotel.

    Lucia:  087-803 1116 and Chaleo: 089-816 7712

    Have a good and smooth journey!
    See you soon.

    Ram Bhujel
    Convener, ISAFE
    Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

    Just for fun: