The family level objectives of the AwF-Nepal project are:

  1. Organize in groups,
  2. provide training,
  3. Assist and communities grow fish for their families and
  4. Generate supplementary income

    National level objectives are:

  1. expand aquaculture in mid-hills of Nepal through technical
  2. produce and supply high quality protein to the people. As
    nearly two-third of Nepal is covered by hills, outcome of
    this project could help policy makers whether small-scale
    fish farming should be promoted in mid-hills. The project is
    an expansion of a project launched in a lower plain area
    (Chitwan) of Nepal. The project was launched jointly by the
    Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) and Institute of
    Agriculture and Animal Sciences. Nepal. An M. Sc. student
    as an intern has been assigned to manage the project with
    the purpose of developing career and gaining hands-on field
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We need your generous support. You can help us by donating money or buying T-Shirts with AwF logo.
Wearing such a T-shirt during functions / gatherings helps us disseminate the idea. The price of a T-shirt
is US$30 which is used to dig a pond for a family.

Donated money will help us support more families. Donation of US$100 will cover the costs of digging a
fish pond and child education for a family.