International Symposium on Aquaculture and Fisheries Education

Guide for Rapporteurs
At least two Rapporteurs have been assigned for each session. These guidelines have
been prepared with a view to helping the Rapporteurs prepare better reports. Please bear
in mind that your reports will serve as the main outcome of the symposium.

A: Making notes:
  1. it is suggested that rapporteurs work independently sitting  away from each
  2. Listen carefully every speaker’s presentation
  3. Listen questions and answers or discussions after the presentation
  4. Enlist major important points of each presentation
  5. High-light the issues, if there are any

B. Presentation and submission:
  1. Near the end of each session, the rapporteurs should sit together to combine
    the points / issues
  2. One of the rapporteurs will present the summary, either verbally or power
    point slides, immediately after the last presenter of the respective session in 5
    minutes or less.
  3. Prepare an electronic file (in MS word) from the notes
  4. Submit the electronic file along with all the hand notes to the ISAFE
    Secretariat as soon as possible